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115 Years Ago

The St. Ignace News

Saturday, May 21, 1892

Dr. J.R. Bailey of Mackinac Island was in St. Ignace Wednesday.

Mackinac County's state tax this year will be $2,511.86.

Mr. and Mrs. McKay of Bois Blanc Island were in St. Ignace several days this week.

L.R. Boynton, J.F. Keightley, G.T. Arnold and others have purchased the str. Riverside and will soon bring her here to go on the route between St. Ignace, Mackinac Island, and Mackinaw City.

The "St. Ignace Times" made its appearance yesterday. It is a neat little paper, 4-column folio in size. E. LaRocque, the druggist in St. Ignace, is the publisher and will be pleased to furnish every house in Mackinac County with a copy free.

90 Years Ago The St. Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, May 24, 1917

The naval boat Yantic was in port Monday with a number of naval recruits aboard.

Postmaster Michael Hoban of St. Ignace attended the funeral of John Lasley Monday.

President Wilson Friday ordered that a division of regular troops, commanded by Major General John J. Pershing, to be sent to France at the earliest practicable date. This is the answer of America to France's plea that the Stars and Stripes be carried to the fighting front without delay to hearten the soldiers battling there with concrete evidence that a powerful ally has come to their support against German aggression.

Germany has used 1,800,000 tons of potatoes to make alcohol for war purposes. There ought to be a good many fights in that much alcohol.

Mrs. Russel Alger Sr. of Detroit has rented the Hitchcock cottage on the East Bluff for the summer.

Rev. and Mrs. Wilder of Detroit, who arrived last week, are now occupying their cottage in the Annex.

The entire peninsula as well as other portions of the state is covered with a blanket of snow varying in depth from two to six inches.

John Harper, fireman on the switch engine at Mackinaw City, was instantly killed Tuesday afternoon. He had just stepped from his engine at a stop near the depot to speak to a fireman on the local freight when he ran into an electric wire that had been blown down by the wind.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. Alanson Brooks of Detroit arrived Sunday to look over the improvements being made by Contractor Doud on their beautiful summer cottage on Cedar Point.

Ladies Hats - Miss Anna Marie Sullivan will have a line of Madam Redfern's pattern hats from New York and also a handsome line of ladies' wash and silk waists on Friday, May 25, in the Power House block, Mackinac Island.

50 Years Ago The Republican-News &

St. Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, May 23, 1957

All persons serving tourists in St. Ignace and Mackinac county will be invited to become "experts" on construction details of the Mackinac Bridge Saturday, June 15. Called "Bridge Education Day," employees of local businesses will tour the construction site. This project - believed to be the first of its kind ever undertaken anywhere - is sponsored by the Mackinac County Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Mackinac Bridge Authority and U.S. Steel's American Bridge Division, which is building the superstructure.

The annual graduation program of Thomas W. Ferry school, Mackinac Island, will be held at 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 26 in the community building, announces Leo J. Pintal, superintendent of the school.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stamas have arrived from Miami and will open Astor Cafe.

Mrs. J.D. Flanagan and daughter, Kathleen, spent the weekend at their Island home, returning to Petoskey on Sunday.

Mayor and Mrs. John Franks left Sunday for Fremont where Mayor Franks was feted on Monday as visiting mayor. L.C. Jordon and Mrs. Jordon of Fremont spent Monday at the Island on mayor exchange day.

It's not recommended but you could walk from Lower Michigan to Upper Michigan last Saturday without getting wet. The two peninsulas now are linked by structural steel for the first time in history. The link-up came late Friday when a 65-foot steel section was hoisted into place on the Mackinac Straits Bridge. The seven-ton section connects the south approach of the bridge with the south anchorage.

It thus would be possible for a person to start from the Mackinaw City side on the Straits, walk along the approach to the south anchorage, then scale the catwalk to the north anchorage, and walk along the north approach to the St. Ignace side. Anybody taking such a stroll would have to balance along the steel beams of the approaches before tackling the catwalk suspended from the main towers.

Although the waterway is spanned by tough steel, there's still a lot of work to be done before the bridge is completed in November.

35 Years Ago The Republican-News &

St. Ignace Enterprise

Thursday, May 25, 1972

The G. Mennen Williams of Grosse Pointe Farms have opened their summer home on the West Bluff.

Mayor Exchange Day at Mackinac brought Mayor Robert Rengo and Mr. Griggs from Kaleva. The Mayor Exchange banquet was held at the Chippewa Hotel Sunday evening, May 21. Mayor and Mrs. Otto Emmons traveled to Kaleva and were joined by Representative Dennis Cawthorne of Lansing.

Grand Hotel opens Thursday, May 25 with the Michigan District Court Judges Association and the Association of Michigan Court Recorders. All Island hotels will be open by June 1, and again Mackinac is busy for the 1972 summer season.

15 Years Ago

The St. Ignace News

Thursday, May 28, 1992

On Memorial Day, Father Jim Williams celebrated mass at 11 a.m. at the site of the grave of the late Father Joseph Ling, pastor of Ste. Anne's for 26 years.

Congressman Bob Traxler of the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington D.C. secured a federal grant through which the Island's National Soldiers Cemetery will receive a subsidy each year for upkeep and maintenance.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Town Crier is seeking original prints or reprints of old photographs depicting areas in the Eastern Upper Peninsula to be scanned into the archives and for the Looking Back column. Photographs to be loaned or donated to the Michilimackinac Historical Society can also be dropped off at The St. Ignace News office on the mainland or the Town Crier office on Market Street.

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